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Greetings from the grasses

Hi. I’m Lora Frost, the Principal Landscape Designer and Chief Visionary Officer for Urban Eden Design. Creating landscapes designed around you, my client, is my passion. Formally trained in design, irrigation and I am an organic master gardener. Contact me today to see how we can create your yard of your dreams and be the envy of your neighbours.

My Philosophy:

I believe all gardens and landscapes should nourish your soul, add value and become an integral part in supporting life.


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Nourish the Soul

Every garden space should be as unique as it’s owner. My favourite part of meeting you, is getting to know you, your wishes and your dreams for your outdoor space. Your newly designed space will incorporate your favourite colours, seasons, smells, textures and will be as much or as little work as you are hoping for!

Add Value

Curb appeal increases property value, the way your neighbours view you (yes, you can be the envy of your neighbours) but most of all it provides a warm welcome to your guests, even before they walk through your front door.

The way plants are chosen and placed, saves you money on heating and cooling, up to 50%. That’s right, money does grow on trees!

Supporting Life

Your outdoor space and garden becomes it’s own ecosysyem, a vibrant {chemical free} community of birds, bees and ladybugs. More importantly your outdoor space will support your life, giving you a space to live your life the way you want to feel. Many of us have a lot of stress in our lives and driving into your driveway or walking out on your back patio should provide you with a sense of rest and pleasure.

 About and Influences

I am formally trained in design, irrigation and I am an organic master gardener. I am passionate about food and showing people how they can have food crops in their ornamental gardens. As the site coordinator {the president} at the White Rock Community Garden and I am excited to be able to share my knowledge through a series of workshops and am grateful for the abundance of knowledge I receive from other gardeners at the garden ~ life really is a collaboration after all!

Sustainability is a word that seems to be tossed around like candy, but it’s been one of my long standing beliefs in how the world should be.

Sustainability at it’s core, is not carbon credits, it’s not peak oil and it is not politics. It’s the realization that everything is cyclical, what you put in you will get out, and all life supports each other. This means that in a landscape the right plant is in the right place. Plants of similar water needs are together. Soil is the foundation of health and vitality.

My ultimate goal is to design and build sustainable communities around the world. Most of my design and sustainability influences comes from Australia, Britain and Germany. I get really excited about green roofs, grey water harvesting and well thought out design.

Call or text at: 604-600-6654 or email at lora@urbanedendesign.ca to talk about your project!

Lora Frost