Creating Curb Appeal & Increasing your Property Value

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Creating Curb Appeal & Increasing your Property Value

“So, whether you are a new home owner building for your family or a contractor building for potential new buyers, the fact is creative landscaping enhances the perceived value and the actual resale value of every home.”

This modest looking rancher is dwarfed by the 80 foot plus trees. There is no path to the front door, and most new visitors miss the driveway, which is before the home and is hard to see.

Situated on the agriculture based and visually stunning Westham Island, this 5 acre parcel is home to Westham Island Nursery.  The goal: create a Mediterranean influenced entranceway and driveway, that looks like it has always been there, while being low maintenance!

We removed the trees, added the new circular driveway raising the grade 4 feet in the process and created a wide and welcoming entryway.

The homeowners have people they have never met, come up and tell them that they never even knew that there was a house there!

Curb Appeal helps create an emotional connection at first glace. When potential buyers see your home and it isn’t well maintained on the outside, the assumption will be made that it is not well maintained on the inside as well. First impressions count!

Curb appeal isn’t going to sell your property if the price, location or amenities aren’t right for the buyer, but it will help you achieve both a faster selling time and a better price in any market.

Only 10% of the population can visualize a homes potential! Which means that 90% of buyers CANNOT visualize what your home will look like after the proposed changes are made. It only takes 30 seconds for a prospective buyer to have a gut feel allowing them to visualize themselves living here or not.

A study conducted by the National Arborist Association concluded that landscape features account for 20% of the total property value. Money magazine conducted research on the return on investment (ROI) of home improvements. The ROI of a kitchen is 75-125%, the bathroom is 20-120%, the pool is 20-50% and the landscape is 100-200%. The ROI for landscaping is huge, suggesting that you may potentially double your investment.

The owners have now listed this property at 2.7 Million.

To view the back: The back deck: entertaining and serenity

To see the whole build: Time worn country to Open Mediterranean


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