Easy Fall Prep for Amazing Spring Veggies

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Easy Fall Prep for Amazing Spring Veggies

What a interesting weather year we have had, the leaves are finally starting to fall! The key to great veggies and other healthy plants all lie in the health of the soil. The more organic matter and living microorganisms that are in the soil, the stronger and more resilient the plants become.

Regardless of whether you have just started a veggie garden or you are improving an existing one, the easiest way to add organic matter to the soil is to go out and collect leaves.
leavesLeaves will decompose better if they are smaller pieces and there are a couple of simple ways to make the leaves smaller. The first way is to run them over with a lawn mower, and the second way is to put them in a large garbage can and wack them up with a weed wacker. Now for those of us that are in condo’s and apt’s, you may be saying well I have no access to a mower or a weed wacker.. that’s ok, just go out and collect smaller leaves!
Leaves to stay away from are oak and walnut. Oak leaves take a long time to break down because of the tannins in their leaves, and walnut leaves secrete a toxin that decreases the growth in the garden.
Spread 4-6 inches of leaves to cover the soil. You can either turn these into the soil or you can top the leaves with a layer of mushroom manure or soil. The mushroom manure or soil layer should be 1″-2″ thick.
Then leave it until spring and you will have a beautifully composted leaf layer in spring, full of organic matter and amazing nutrients. Seems too easy doesn’t it?
By the way, you can also do this to your ornamental garden beds and the results you will see will be and increase in water retention by over 50% and a improvement in soil structure, which means healthier happy plants!!

Lora FrostĀ of Urban Eden Design, Edible Landscape Specialist


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