Complete Yard Makeover – Time Worn Country to Low Maintenance Mediterranean

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Complete Yard Makeover – Time Worn Country to Low Maintenance Mediterranean

What do you do when you have a 5 acre property, your gardens are over 20 years old and your visitors routinely miss your driveway because it is hard to see?

You call Urban Eden Design to create a plan to increase your curb appeal, increase your property value, and create a stunning low maintenance planting that supports the hundreds of birds! You also become the envy of your neighbours!

Here is how the property looked when we started the design process:

The pathways were uneven and irregular.

Half of the pool had been converted into a flower bed, but all of the existing plantings were overgrown and mostly perennials; meaning lot’s and lot’s of maintenance was required to even attempt to keep the gardens looking neat and tidy.

The asphalt drive was pitted, and bucked due to age.

The driveway was tiny, most new visitors missed it and had to back up or turn around.

There is a second home on the property and as the existing driveway was directly between them, this also added to the confusion of new visitors, which home to go to? Again the gardens surrounding the second home were overgrown and high maintenance.

At the front of the home, there was no path to the front door, which left visitors wondering where to go. As well, there were four 80 foot plus trees flanking the modest looking rancher, creating countless trips to the roof to clear out the gutters! As the g

What the build entailed:

Step 1: Remove 8 trees.


Step 2: Remove the 2 7000 lb stumps.

Step 3: Clear out all old plantings, decommission pool and build new deck.

Step 4: Remove existing driveway.

Step 5: Raise grade 4′ so new driveway is level with the height of the street. Build new Driveway.

Step 6: Build new front & back walkways

Step 7: Build new planting beds in the back and front

Step 8: Build new parking area in back

Step 9: Grade old driveway area, and sculpt land to flow with the new driveway height and existing height of remaining existing trees.

Step 10: Prep for sod and lay 13,000 sq. ft. sod

Step 11: Final Touches, mulch on beds, top up of driveway materials, add the baskets, containers and deck furniture

Step 12: Be the envy of your neighbours


Stunning, four season plantings that are low maintenance and look fabulous all year round.

Every year, hundreds of hummingbirds arrive in March and the property has an amazing amount of wildlife. The plants chosen, feed and shelter the birds and the bees.

Used drought tolerant plantings to eliminate the need for an irrigation system.

Soil used is full of nutrients and organic matter, increasing the health of the plant and increasing water retention in the soil. Healthy plants save time and money.

Visitors are now welcomed to the front door and can park there too! There is no longer any confusion on which home to go to.

The back deck now boasts 928 sq ft of entertaining area vs. the 325 sq. ft. previously.

The gutters now only need an annual clean instead of the monthly clean they needed with all the tree debris.

Increased property value. Property listed for 2.7 million.

Wouldn’t you love to be the envy of your neighbours?

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